Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy has been serving customers in the IDD marketplace for over 15 years. We have developed the safest and most accurate medication administration system available to ease the burden on the caregivers and to inspire independence to those wanting it most. See below for how our behavioral health pharmacy services are helping customers, patients, and healthcare organizations around the United States.

We service: HCS – Home & Community Based Services, ICF – Intermediate Care Facilities, EFH – Extend Family Homes or Host Homes

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Packaging Options You Can Trust

– Multi-dose med cup OR Single dose cards

– All labeling can contain a full color picture of the individual

– All labeling contains full color picture of the medication or pill description

– Safest, Easiest, and Most Accurate Med-Pass System in the marketplace

– Weekly or Monthly packaging choices available.

EMAR or Paper MAR

THERAP: Our pharmacy team can manage the medications in THERAP for you:

– Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy will add new medications, discontinue old medications, and make other changes as needed.  We will attach a copy of the prescription order to the record.

– Pharmacy can submit and approve orders so youou are ready to record med pass when first dose arrives

– Other EMAR Platforms are supported and include ECP, QuickMar, and Point-Click-Care

– Paper MARS can be provided

Healthcare Team

– Ongoing service reviews with local and senior management at least quarterly

– Will attend and be active in your Human Rights Committee via a conference or video call and at times in person medication or pill description

Delivery Service

– Communicate all Prior Authorizations to your designated person

– Coordinate refills for medications not enclosed in the med-pack to arrive with cycle meds to streamline check in.

– Recommended verbiage on Physician Order Sheet “Prescription maybe filled for a 30 days’ supply plus 12 refills unless otherwise noted”

– Cycle start date and med check-in will dictate when your cycle is delivered or mailed to your desired location.

– School and Work Doses can be packaged to accommodate various schedules in their own separate med packs

Delivery and mailing of medications for your patients is included at no charge. We offer sending one week of medications weekly or four weeks at a time if preferred.

How do I get my agency started?

1. Schedule a meeting with one of our staff members
2. Select a start date and outline the timeline
3. Collect all patient demographics, insurance information, med lists, and prescriber information
4. Neighborhood staff will confirm all medication information with prescriber
5. Neighborhood staff will produce med packs and prepare for first delivery
6. Neighborhood staff will schedule training with agency staff and complete at the first delivery of the med packs

Neighborhood staff member always available to provide support to agency staff.


I cannot say enough good things about Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Their personal service is wonderful – when I need a medication ASAP they do their best to provide it. On-Call Pharmacists are helpful especially on the weekends.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy has been an outstanding provider to our employees and family member, and most of all, our residents. Their accuracy, knowledge, and customer service is excellent and brings piece of mind for everyone they serve.

Assisted Living Facility Executive Director

I enjoy working with Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Everyone there is very friendly and are prompt with any request I have. I like that they are a resource for me with any questions concerning my residents’ medications. I would recommend them to anyone!

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

I am so impressed by the quick response time when we have a new resident move in quickly and the pharmacy gets everything here so quickly. Sometimes we have had only a couple hour notice of a new resident Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy STILL gets it here! Their staff are so kind and knowledgeable and always available to help us answer questions.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Healthcare