Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy offers a disposable multi-dose med cup packaging system for individuals desiring to Stay Independent and at Home.  Our packaging makes it easy to ensure you take the right medication at the right time.  Each med-cup is clearly labeled as a Morning-Noon-Evening-Bedtime with the name of each medication placed inside.  A full color picture of the medication is included on the label of your med pack and an optional picture of the individual may be placed on the med-cups for added verification.  

No more piles of pill bottles and wondering if you took your medication.  We make it easy to know you are taking your medications correctly.

This state of the art packaging system is available to patients free of charge if you fill 5 or more prescription medications with us. Applicable copays from your insurance still apply. We offer a pricing plan that works for everyone. Ask us today.

Delivery or mailing of your package is included if you choose to receive 4 weeks of medications at a time. We do offer different pricing plans for people who would like a weekly delivery instead of a delivery every fourth week.

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Medications: Your medications will be reviewed by a pharmacist to ensure you are receiving the right dose at the right time. Our disposable med cup packaging system will keep you organized just like a med-box. Your medications will arrive packaged for you to take at the correct time, Morning-Noon-Evening-Bedtime.


Pill Reminder

We can help you choose a pill reminder solution that works for you. There are many apps available that our pharmacy team can manage to ensure you are alerted to take your medication on time. Other tools such as a reminder watch or a Med Ready Pill Dispenser are available upon request.


Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM allows real-time monitoring of your physiological parameters (including blood pressure, weight, etc) via a cellular-enabled device. This device electronically sends the reading to a HIPAA-compliant platform, which is monitored daily by the pharmacy.  Your doctor sets the goals for your readings. When a reading comes across that is out of the pre-set range, a member of the healthcare team will be alerted.  Routine monitoring of the patients’ vital statistics improves the overall quality of life with dosage adjustments and lifestyle modifications to minimize side effects and maximize well-being through preventative care.


Concierge Pharmacy

An extra level of care and comfort for you at home. A member of our pharmacy staff can perform “check in” phone or video calls with you daily or weekly. We want to be your trusted provider and be part of your success. We can help answer specific medication questions, find a meal plan that works, and provide encouragement when you need it most after a surgery or health event.


Food Delivery

Food delivery available through Mom’s Meals or Meals on Wheels


Need assistance or have questions?

How to get started

How to Get Started

We will need some information filled out to get you started with us.  Download a copy of our new patient packet today and provide us with demographic information, current medication list, and insurance cards.  It’s that easy.  Call or Stop In to one of our locations nearest you.  

After we receive your information, a pharmacist will perform a medication analysis and confirm it is correct with your doctor.  

Below is a link to the new patient information packet.  We look forward to becoming a trusted member of your healthcare team. 

New Patient Information Packet