RPM allows real-time monitoring of the physiological parameters (including blood pressure, weight, etc) via a cellular-enabled device. This device electronically sends the reading to a HIPAA-compliant platform, which is monitored daily by the pharmacy. Your doctor sets the goals for your readings. When a reading comes across that is out of the pre-set range, a member of the healthcare team will be alerted. Routine monitoring of the patients’ vital statistics improves the overall quality of life with dosage adjustments and lifestyle modifications to minimize side effects and maximize well-being through preventative care.


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I cannot say enough good things about Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Their personal service is wonderful – when I need a medication ASAP they do their best to provide it. On-Call Pharmacists are helpful especially on the weekends.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy has been an outstanding provider to our employees and family member, and most of all, our residents. Their accuracy, knowledge, and customer service is excellent and brings piece of mind for everyone they serve.

Assisted Living Facility Executive Director

I enjoy working with Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Everyone there is very friendly and are prompt with any request I have. I like that they are a resource for me with any questions concerning my residents’ medications. I would recommend them to anyone!

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

I am so impressed by the quick response time when we have a new resident move in quickly and the pharmacy gets everything here so quickly. Sometimes we have had only a couple hour notice of a new resident Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy STILL gets it here! Their staff are so kind and knowledgeable and always available to help us answer questions.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Healthcare

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