Need assistance or have questions?

Dedicated Pharmacy Staff

Each community is assigned a dedicated pharmacist and technician who work together for the best interest of the patient to communicate clearly and efficiently to achieve the best possible outcomes. You’ll talk to the same staff members each time you call us and they’ll know you and your residents.


Accuracy and Safety

Safest and most accurate medication dispensing cards today. Efficiently verify the contents of the package and the patient identity with a clear picture and easy to read description on the label. Assurance that you or your loved one is receiving the correct medication at the correct time.


24/7 On-Call Pharmacist

A member of our pharmacy staff is available 24/7 for any emergency needs after hours.  You and your staff will receive a quick response from our pharmacist, and we coordinate the delivery of the emergency medication.


Insurance Billing

We work with the majority of Insurance companies and will bill your insurance directly.


Yearly Med D Reviews

We can instantly review the patient’s medications so they can choose the best medication insurance plan for their needs.


Onsite Vaccination Clinics

Our team can come to your location and administer vaccines to your patients and help them feel comfortable and safe.


eMAR Software

Our pharmacy software interfaces with a number of electronic MAR softwares, including but not limited to: Eldermark, Extended Care Pro, Point Click Care, and QuickMAR.


Monthly chart reviews

Consults upon request

Emergency Box 

How do I get my agency started?

1. Schedule a meeting with one of our staff members
2. Select a start date and outline the timeline
3. Collect all patient demographics, insurance information, med lists, and prescriber information
4. Neighborhood staff will confirm all medication information with prescriber
5. Neighborhood staff will produce med packs and prepare for first delivery
6. Neighborhood staff will schedule training with agency staff and complete at the first delivery of the med packs

Neighborhood staff member always available to provide support to agency staff.


I cannot say enough good things about Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Their personal service is wonderful – when I need a medication ASAP they do their best to provide it. On-Call Pharmacists are helpful especially on the weekends.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy has been an outstanding provider to our employees and family member, and most of all, our residents. Their accuracy, knowledge, and customer service is excellent and brings piece of mind for everyone they serve.

Assisted Living Facility Executive Director

I enjoy working with Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Everyone there is very friendly and are prompt with any request I have. I like that they are a resource for me with any questions concerning my residents’ medications. I would recommend them to anyone!

Assisted Living Facility Director of Nursing

I am so impressed by the quick response time when we have a new resident move in quickly and the pharmacy gets everything here so quickly. Sometimes we have had only a couple hour notice of a new resident Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy STILL gets it here! Their staff are so kind and knowledgeable and always available to help us answer questions.

Assisted Living Facility Director of Healthcare